The Bridge 15

Standard edition containing a wide variety of articles and poems

Spiritual medicine - Peter Fenwick
Listening, exploration and experience - David Blackall Connell
God, Man and Cosmos: A creative unity? - Martin Redfern
Flower and song of the Aztec people - Georgina Joysmith D'Angelo
Meditation, religious thought and scientific achievement in the Maya world - Peter McGregor Eadie
Icons, symbolism and religious meaning - Richard Temple
Chartres cathedral: The architecture of consciousness - a ladder to heaven - Clive Hicks
The potter's wheel - Alan Caiger-Smith
The archetypal harmony underlying forces in western musical tradition - James D'Angelo
Being there with the music - James Gregory
The visionary experience of art - Michael Griffiths
Dancing with aplomb - Roger Tully
Language and insight - Tony Brignull
The third man and his friends - Robert Simmons

(Paperback, 152 pages)


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