Ouspensky's Fourth Way

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This book is the first published account of the further development of P D Ouspensky’s work during the second half of the 20th century by Dr Francis Roles. It gives not only a comprehensive account of his teaching but also tells the inner story of the development of the Study Society itself as a Fourth Way school.
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For the first time, unpublished accounts of his final years by some of his closest associates demonstrate that, in fact, the last months of Ouspensky’s life were a triumph and a vindication of all the exigencies he had withstood and overcome in his lifelong search for truth. It was an ultimately joyful and transcendent drama that confirmed his brilliant advocacy of the miraculous possibilities of human evolution.

The material presented draws deeply on Dr Roles’s papers and correspondence and the teaching of the Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, HH Shantananda Saraswati. It is shown how the practical synthesis of Eastern and Western knowledge that Francis Roles created was illuminated and confirmed at every step by his deep understanding of the Enneagram.

ISBN 978-0-9931776-0-6 (Paperback, 408 pages, 8 colour plates)

The book can also be bought here: http://ouspenskytoday.org/wp/about-books/ouspenskys-fourth-way-the-new-book/


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