One Self

Philip Jacobs’ second book expresses the one essential truth that is at the heart of all the world's mystical and philosophical traditions in a simple, direct and practical way.

It is rare to find a Western interpretation of the non-dual teaching of the Advaita Vedanta that is both accurate and readable, much less practical.  In this short, easy-to-understand book, Philip Jacobs has produced an in-depth examination of the nature of our consciousness and its relation to our everyday lives. He also examines the nature of physical reality and how our perception affects reality.

This invaluable introduction gently demonstrates how non-dualism develops our understanding of ourselves and everything around us. It applies this understanding to everything from reincarnation to romantic love with skill and grace, showing that what we call ‘life’ is actually a process of evolving awareness.

ISBN 1-905047-67-3 (Paperback, 153 pages)


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