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A guide to meditation
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A practical guide for use in preparation for mantra meditation for those who wish to take their knowledge further.

   This book encapsulates simply and quietly the profound strength of mantra meditation. It takes the reader from the source, through the story of its origin, explaining some of the knowledge behind this path of meditation, and on to the actual practice.
   For those who have already embarked on a regular practice of  mantra meditation as described in the book, it is a perfect pocket companion - a reminder, a renewal and a refresher to their practice.
   For those who may be thinking of starting to meditate this book is a beautiful introduction to anyone interested in this particular form of mantra meditation.
                                                                            Sylvia Leiserach


Chapter headings:

1 - Introduction
2 - Source
3 - The Common Experience
4 - Preparation
5 - Eightfold Path
6 - Mind
7 - The First Stage
8 - Limitless Within
9 - Mantra

Published by Kharkadeh
Paperback (52 pages)



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