"A guide to the application of the Enneagram in the ordinary life of the ordinary person who has set out on the road to Self-Realisation."

By Tinky Brass
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This is an excellent book for anyone wishing to begin to grasp the practical application of the genuine enneagram. It deals with the enneagram that first appears in the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff; anyone searching for information on “personality types” or the work of Claudio Naranjo may wish to look elsewhere.

Tinky Brass clearly sets out the laws of three and seven and gives insight into the nature and behaviour of the three worlds. The descending octave of the Lord’s Prayer was a revelation, and the ascending octave gave clear and practical interpretations that can be applied to the Work in everyday life. I use ideas from this book in my own work with people suffering with alcoholism and drug addiction, especially the chapter on the Mi-Fah interval, Holy Denying. This is with people who have had no contact with either the work or with the enneagram and yet the ideas are met with understanding and indeed enthusiasm. To me, this is all the recommendation necessary as it brings the enneagram to life.

Not only is this book useful in a practical sense, but it is also warm and generous. Tinky gives many examples from his own experience that are often inspiring and always clarifying. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending this book to any serious student of the Work and the Enneagram.

Francis Lickerish | Harley Street, London. | December 2018

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